Video Promosi MS Office 2010

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  • 10 July 2009

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Office Team Lead: Guys, we need something really exciting to make people excited about Office 2010.
Some Office Programmer Guy: Can we call Google to hint at ChromeOS to take the heat off of us when we launch on Monday?
OTL: Already done. We need a video.

SOPG: What should it include? A little run-through of the program? Sort of a screencast that folks can watch and understand and then maybe get excited about Office 2010? Maybe we can put some Feist in there? Make it really minimalistic?
OTL: No. We need an action movie.
SOPG: What?
OTL: We have a huge marketing budget and nothing to spend it on. Let’s hire some dude to make a movie.
SOPG: But that won’t tell anyone anything about the product?
OTL: Who cares. We don’t need to sell Office anymore. People will just buy it without thinking. People are dumb.
SOPG: But what about Google Apps?
OTL: A red herring. They’re unusable. This is much better.
SOPG: Can I move onto the XBox team?
OTL: Soon. Soon.

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