OneRiot Mengkonfirmasi Kerjasama Pengembangan Search Engine Real Time Dengan Yahoo!

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  • 04 November 2009

Kimbal Musk, CEO OneRiot mengkonfirmasi kerjasama OneRiot dengan Yahoo! untuk mengembangkan search engine realtime dalam sebuah email ke techcrunch :

oneriot-logoToday, we are pleased to confirm that OneRiot is working with Yahoo to deliver realtime search results to Yahoo users. We have been working with Yahoo for 18 months, initially as the launch partner for the Y!BOSS platform and now as the provider of realtime search results. Yahoo joins a list of 70+ partners who utilize the OneRiot realtime search API (others include Microsoft and Reed Elsevier). During an initial test phase, OneRiot results will appear on the main Yahoo Search Results Pages (SRPs) for certain queries, complementing Yahoo’s usual results. OneRiot has a robust realtime index of the web and orders search results via PulseRank, the company’s proprietary ranking algorithm which reflects the current social buzz around any piece of web content.

Langkah Yahoo! ini berarti mengikuti Google dan Bing yang telah melakukan kerjasama dengan Twitter dan Facebook untuk dengan koneksi data langsung untuk pencarian real time.

Via : TechCrunch

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