Imindi : “Kami Tidak Sengaja menghapus seluruh akun user”

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  • 28 May 2009

Jangan marah jika produk baru dengan status beta yang anda gunakan melakukan kesalahan. itulah yang baru dilakukan iMindi yang saat ini masih dalam status beta dan terbatas, user lama bisa melakukan registrasi ulang disini

Berikut kutipan email dari CEO iMindi Adam Lindemann :

Dear Friends of Imindi,

Yesterday, we were featured on Techcrunch and many of you were kind enough to sign up to the service. Unfortunately, we had not prepared sufficiently for the demand on our servers and then with some human error we accidently deleted all the user accounts. Darn.

We would ask that you forgive us and sign up one more time as members of Imindi. We will set you up with a clean account which we hope you will enjoy using to collect your thoughts and share them with like-minded people.

We are extremely embarrassed by this mistake and we have purchased more capacity and instituted safer backup processes to handle the increased demand to prevent a recurrence of this incident. It’s a private beta, and it will be a while before this service is ready to be launched in public but we hope that you will be kind to Imindi as she grows.

Below is the new invitation URL:

Thank you again,

Adam Lindemann

Via : TechCrunch

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