Discover Cutting Edge CSS3 Techniques, Seri Premium Gratis dari nettut+

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  • 24 January 2011

Setiap bulan Tuts+ marketplace memberikan konten gratis dari setiap marketplace. Bulan ini kita bisa mendapatkan seri video Discover Cutting Edge CSS3 Techniques yang dibuat oleh Jeffrey Way, Editor Nettuts+ secara gratis. Seri ini terdiri atas 7 seri video.

In this 7-part video series, we’ll dive into the latest CSS3 tricks and techniques, while still paying close attention to older browsers that do not support the latest advancements in CSS – things like transitions, gradients, etc.

To do so, we’ll, as a bonus, play around a bit with JavaScript, canvas, and the excellent Modernizr browser to provide feature detection.

Apa saja sih isi series ini?

  • The new CSS3 flexible box model, which takes the place of floats
  • Creating awesome, and unique shadows with psuedo elements
  • CSS3 animations and transformations
  • 3D CSS rotations
  • How to listen for clicks with CSS
  • Scaling elements, without affecting the document flow
  • Text strokes in Webkit AND Mozilla!
  • Some new CSS3 psuedo classes
  • Cross-browser CSS3 gradients – both linear and radial
  • Creating texture (noise) with canvas
  • How to use the excellent Modernizr library, and how to extend it to support new, vendor-specific properties, like ‘-webkit-text-stroke’

Jadi jangan sampai ketinggalan mendowload seri ini gratis sampai akhir bulan ini.

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